Heliport Risk & Liability Assessment Toolkit


Create a standardized and tangible risk assessment program to asses site specific risk and liability exposures at individual heliports based on objective criteria and comprehensive specifications that will produce results which can then be incorporated into an organizations safety management system for both identifying and eliminating risks as well as incorporating operational risk mitigation strategies as necessary to provide a safer aeronautical infrastructure.


The heliport risk and liability assessment program is based on a very specific question set that was developed over a four year period of in-depth analysis and field testing. The question set is derived from the DOT/FAA Heliport Design Advisory Circular AC 150/5390-2C, the National Fire Protection Associations (NFPA) 418 Heliport Standards and the Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) standards, as well as industry best practices.


There are 15 specific categories with a total of 75 potential questions, with each question having the potential for a YES, NO or N/A answer. There are only a few questions that can be answered as N/A or non-applicable answer. Each question has been given a numerical value for weight based on its overall impact on safety and liability to flight operations. There are 12 questions that have been identified as “Critical Elements” and are marked accordingly on the report form. These 12 questions are weighted individually with a much higher risk score due to their significant impact on safety and liability.


This is a semi-quantitative analysis tool that aligns to AS/NZS ISO-31000:2009 Risk Management principles and guidelines and adopts IEC ISO 31010 risk assessment techniques methodology.


The assessment toolkit has three built in risk/liability calculators which self-populate based on the answers provided for each of the 75 question. The heliport risk and liability assessment tool is broken down into 15 specific areas.
Overall Risk & Liability Exposure Percentage (%)
Critical Elements Risk & Liability Exposure Level
Risk Analysis Profile


• National EMS Pilots Association (NEMSPA)
• Larry Buehler, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) / retired
• Ray E Stanton, RES Aviation Services, Inc.
• Ray Syms, HeliExperts International LLC
• Paul Civers, CEO Riskfacillitator
• Marty Rincon Insurance Underwriter and OSHA Specialist

• Aaron Watts, IT & Excel Specialist /Programmer


Any questions comments or suggestions on the toolkit, please contact ray@heliexp.com or call (732) 870-8883

• Web: www.heliexpertsinternational.com


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