Heliport Development, Auditing, Training and Safety Management

Blending Experience and Professionalism with Honesty and Integrity


Having spent years in the helicopter industry as pilots first our team understands and appreciates critical and often times overlooked aviation safety factors in heliport site selection and heliport design considerations that others oftentimes overlook. Such things as helicopter flight characteristics, aerodynamic loading, helicopter controllability, wind shear, architecturally induced turbulence, pilot workload, helicopter performance margins, patient safety and patient morbidity and mortality have become second nature to our methodology. We are among the highest and most uniquely qualified and experienced heliport, helicopter operation, and general aviation consulting firms in the world. All of our services are client-needs-orientated, meaning we do not sell or represent any heliport or helicopter-related equipment manufacturers. We have no commissions to make off selling you products for your project. We work solely for you.


Our full-service in-house Heliport Development and Safety Management System services include:


  • Feasibility and site selection studies
  • Heliport designs and master plans
  • Application and procurement of all aviation, environmental, and land-use permits
  • Oversight of existing facility regulatory compliance, safety, operational, and marketing issues
  • Develop customized facility operations manual and provide training
  • Longevity exposure (closure potential) and liability-reduction inspections
  • Community-responsive “fly neighborly” route design and safety policies
  • Heliport Risk & Liability Assessment
  • Public Testimony & Hearings


Our Full-Service In-House Aeronautical Consulting Services include:


  • FAA, NFPA, ICAO, DOD-UFC, DOT, regional, state, and local land-use jurisdiction heliport approvals
  • Heliport hands-on training, facility operational training, and emergency action plans, manuals and programs for new and existing facilities
  • Existing heliport safety, regulatory appraisal, risk and liability exposure reduction, longevity assessment, operations audits, remediation plans, and community interface conflict-resolution program (Fly Neighborly) issues
  • Helicopter management and operational policy procedure design, editing, and auditing services for EMS, corporate, and private operations
  • Expert witness services to include investigations, reconstruction exhibits, litigation support, and testimony within our substantial areas of unique expertise
  • FAA obstacle evaluation interface services to include FAA application, reapplication, field studies of potential adverse effects, reversal of FAA denials, and obtaining of FAA approvals