Aviation Expert and Litigation Support Services

HeliExperts International LLC

offers aviation expert, liability identification and risk reduction programs, and litigation support services.  Our team’s extensive, professional hands-on aviation field experience is an asset to any organization, either to help reduce identifiable risks or assist with needs after an accident. Our after accident services include providing litigation support services at multiple levels in a variety of aviation disciplines in support of either plaintiff or defendant. In most legal cases, only one expert is required. However, due to our extended network, we are able to provide a team of experts when needed for more complex cases requiring highly focused expertise.


Our typical aviation expert requirements have been as follows:


  • Helicopter and airplane accident prevention and reconstruction
  • Flight training evaluations
  • Regulatory compliance with FAA, state, regional and local authorities
  • Wire strike prevention and wire strike litigation support
  • FAA obstacle regulations, applications, and liaison for towers, buildings, etc.
  • Pilot error and judgment issues to include controlled flight into terrain (CFIT)
  • Aircraft maintenance compliance and deficiency identification
  • Aviation management issues


Aeronautical facilities (heliports/helipads/helistop, airports):


  • Heliport and airport design and operations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Community compatibility issues
  • Heliport and airport safety programs
  • Aircraft sound studies and mitigation programs