FAA Obstruction Evaluation and Application Support Services

HeliExperts International LLC

Has pioneered a unique and highly successful approach to FAA obstruction evaluation and approval services. The firm has extensive experience receiving FAA approvals on airspace issues.


Our services provide the expertise to meet FAA regulatory criteria and address community needs for infrastructure while maintaining aviation safety and efficiency.


HeliExperts International LLC performs a professional work-up evaluating the proposal’s real-life implications as it relates to heliport safety.  In many cases, we provide the FAA with site and local aeronautical field information that has a profound effect upon the technical portions of a proposal.
HeliExperts International LLC follows the FAA’s own internal guidelines and public regulations. We develop full aeronautical studies for our clients that meet all the FAA criteria, including real-life elements the FAA does not have the time, budget, or resources to perform. The result is a comprehensive, feasible approach to obtaining FAA approvals in ways that best meet your needs, while maintaining aeronautical safety.