Heliport Certification

HEI Heliport Safety & Certification Program

Achieve a higher safety standard

The vast majority of reported heliport accidents during the last half century were caused by entirely preventable hazards related to the heliport facility and it’s operations. HEI’s standardized Heliport Safety & Certification Program helps you avoid costly and damaging consequences by identifying hazards, recommending mitigation actions, and certifying facilities meeting industry recommendations and best practices. The program also meets all corporate and government contract compliance audit requirements, going a step further to ensure continued compliance.


Avoid Costly Consequences

According to the FAA, the average cost of an accident exceeds $1 million per person involved, and in some more recent heliport accidents, that cost has more than doubled. Sadly, almost all of these accidents were caused by hazards easily identified during a safety audit, had one been conducted. Don’t wait until it’s too late to ensure your heliport’s safety.

Increased Safety and Security

Nationwide, there are no standardized local or federal regulations regarding heliports. As a result, enforcement, heliport design, regulatory conformance, and safety practices range from highly sophisticated to overly simple facilities, many of which exhibiting numerous safety hazards with the potential to contribute to a significant accident.

HEI’s Heliport Safety & Certification Program consolidates standards outlined in the current FAA Heliport Design Advisory Circular 150/5390-2C, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 418: Standard for Heliports fire safety guidelines, and recognized industry best practices. bUsing these standards, the HEI team thoroughly audits your facility, surrounding airspace, operations manuals, training, and policies and procedures. HEI then delivers a detailed report highlighting any potential hazards and their recommended mitigation actions. When critical mitigations are addressed, the facility achieves certification and you gain the peace of mind that your facility has achieved the highest standard of safety.


Benefits of Certification

  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Decreased chances of an accident or incident
  • Earn trust with customers
  • Business growth opportunities through marketing safety certification
  • Certification program meets corporate and government contract compliance audit requirements


Who should seek Certification?

Any business, organization or agency operating a heliport, regardless of size or number of operations. Grow business, receive recognition and earn well-deserved trust through safety certification.

Getting Certified

Meeting stringent corporate and government contract compliance audit  requirements, the HEI Heliport Safety & Certification Program is designed to save lives and millions of dollars. See how certification will bring you to a higher safety standard.

I want to increase safety

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